Aaron Kotarek


Aaron Kotarek joined Oahu Publications, Inc. (OPI) in May of 2015 as Vice President, Circulation. He is responsible for overall audience growth, revenue enhancement, digital platform engagement and distribution/transportation logistics for the media company’s entire print and digital product portfolio.


Print has left the station?

Not so fast folks. Aaron Kotarek will discuss how Oahu Publications has bucked the national trend over the past 5 years to grow overall print volumes through a diversified product portfolio approach using print centric strategies and tactics. Aaron will also outline in detail Honolulu’s Subscription Revenue Optimization Strategy & Tactics which has yielded profitable and tangible results. Some highlights to include the Volume vs. Value Proposition, Econometric Pricing Models, Utilizing Data & Analytics to Make Sound Pricing Decisions, Payment Deviation Initiatives, and Analyzing Your Subscribers Payment Path.