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About us

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Your brand is you

The Colorado Press Network is not into marketing. We’re into trust. Your business and its brand matters, and how and where its marketed is just as important as the marketing itself.

Made in Colorado in 1946, we’ve changed to meet our clients needs. What has not changed is our focus on ensuring your brand name is protected and promoted. And while we’re Colorado-proud, we can place across the nation.

Our media-buying consulting team connects you to your perfect audience in the perfect spot. Our goal is simple: facilitate cost-effective, streamlined multimedia campaigns that produce tangible results.

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As the official for-profit affiliate of the Colorado Press Association, we get rates other media buyers simply cannot.


Colorado Press Network is a rebrand of the decades old Colorado Press Service (and more recently SYNC2 Media). What started as a successful multi-million-dollar print-buying agency now has morphed into a full-service print and digital agency.

Who we serve:

Regardless of your organization, Colorado Press Network can help. 

Direct Clients

Colorado Press Network works as the media-buying agency for retailers, nonprofit agencies, universities and other clients who want an efficient, streamlined and cost-effective media-buying process.

Agencies & Media Buying Companies

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Colorado Press Network works with agencies across the country, large and small, to reach their clients’ ideal targets.

News Publications

Colorado Press Network introduces agencies and direct clients to Colorado Press Association member publications and other states' Press Association members across the nation of which they may not be aware.


To learn more:

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