Colorado’s unemployment rate crossed into uncharted waters in April, dropping to a record-low 2.3 percent, a mark visited only four other times by any state in recent U.S. history.

You may have seen recent reports that adding email to your marketing mix can both increase the effectiveness of your other efforts, as well as stretch your budget by providing the highest ROI of any digital or offline channel.  “Its incredibly-high ROI and low costs make it the golden bullet…


I don’t know about you, but my life seems to get busier with each passing day. I just finished publishing my second book in a month, began work on a major project to help raise funds for a press association, conducted more webinars than I can remember over the past few weeks, and summer conv…

Colorado’s unemployment rate crossed into uncharted waters in April, dropping to a record-low 2.3 percent, a mark visited only four other times by any state in recent U.S. history.

Love it or hate it, digital has become a very big part of the advertising world – and if you’re not selling your clients on it, somebody else is. Even if you choose not to sell against it, you should know what you’re up against. This session is an overview of some of the digital products and…

In this article, we will look at some basic rules of accurate reporting, how to ensure accuracy during the interview, how to verify information in the copy-editing process, and the single most important rule of all.


Thinking of integrating print advertising into your next marketing campaign, but you’re unfamiliar with the common jargon associated with print? You’re not alone!

Saundra’s experience as a sales manager has given her a unique perspective on client relationships. “Most sales people in the advertising business are taught to discover problems and prescribe solutions to those problems,” she said. “Too often, a sales person hears about a problem and says, …


Newspapers are not dying. They’re changing. A recent media survey proves that point. The study — conducted by Pulse Research in June 2017 — shows that newspaper media readership in Colorado is not fading out of existence, but in fact, Colorado has one of the strongest newspaper followings in the nation.

I love golf, but I’m a terrible golfer. I’m the only golfer I know who has lost someone else’s golf ball. On a best-ball round, I mistakenly hit the wrong ball – directly into a lake.


The U.S. Commerce Department has announced two preliminary determinations on investigations, the results of which will impose an import tariff on Canadian newsprint companies.


Another year, another change to Facebook feeds. This time, the change is to newsfeeds with a focus of friends and family taking preference. What does this mean for media companies, many of which have spent years developing and building their audiences to help reach the readers where the read…


Dear Fellow Enemy of the People,

Makes you wince, doesn’t it? None of us got into the business to make friends, but we also certainly didn’t likely get into it to make enemies. We try in our newswriting to provide as much information as possible, with all sides and perspectives represented fairly and accurately, and then let the reader decide. Some are going to love us. Some are going to loath us. We just need to do good work.