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Colorado’s unemployment rate crossed into uncharted waters in April, dropping to a record-low 2.3 percent, a mark visited only four other times by any state in recent U.S. history.

In fact, Karen Policastro, senior regional vice president for staffing agency Robert Half, said the labor market in Colorado is as tight as she has seen it in her 17 years of recruiting in the state.

Not only are there few people currently out of work and looking, but it’s estimated that 10,000 Baby Boomers reach retirement age every day. And according to a July 8 article in the Economist, teens — a traditional source of summer labor for many businesses — are also at record low levels; only 43 percent of all teens were working in July 2016, down from 72 percent in July 1978.

Add to that deaths, disabilities and additional new jobs created as you grow and expand your business — that’s a lot of jobs that need to be filled so that YOU can get back to the business of growing your business!

And let’s be honest, even if there were lots of people waiting to jump on every job opening, you don’t want to be wading through thousands of applications — you want qualified candidates, right?

So, if putting a HELP WANTED sign in the window or listing your openings on a mega-global generic website hasn’t worked, why not give email broadcasts a try?

  • Reach people where their eyes (already) are. How many people do YOU know who check their email on their mobile phones? Heck, you’re probably reading this blog on your phone right now! Put your job opening where the people are and where they can easily respond.
  • Data coding is available to incredibly granular levels. If the job you’re hiring for requires a valid CDL, why pay to advertise to people who aren’t qualified? Emails can be targeted so specifically that, not only can you reach people who have current, valid CDLs, for example, but also those with a valid HAZMAT certificate or certain certifications such as specially trained liquids drivers. You want to reach qualified candidates, remember?
  • Education, age or other prerequisites? No problem. With unlimited geographic and demographic selects, you can send your message to ONLY those eyeballs that have a specific degree, education level, age or other qualifying characteristic, saving you time and money. My car dealer needed to fill three positions in his service department but only wanted FORD Certified technicians to apply —turns out we have over 32,000 of them in Colorado alone!
  • Speaking of saving money, how about no extra charge(s). Tired of being up-charged for every single eye-catching add-on and option to make your ad stand out, only to find that everyone else added bolding to their Help Wanted ad, too? Email marketing allows you unlimited space, color, bolding and even images — no additional charge!
  • Quick, easy responses. Have you ever tried to respond to a job listing on one of those huge, mega-job boards? It’s not easy, believe me, and the right person might get lost in the maze of pages, click-throughs and confusing upload buttons. With an email, interested applicants can click a button and be taken to any page on your existing website, auto format a reply email or connect a pre-dialed phone call with one touch of a button — even on their mobile phone. How easy is that?

With today’s tight labor market and the increase in messaging and daily bombardment across all platforms, it’s becoming harder to reach qualified candidates for ANY job opening, much less higher-paying, skilled ones.

If you’re looking for an easy, cost-effective way to reach qualified candidates for your company’s openings, why not give email blasts a try today?

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Judy is the resident email guru at Colorado Press Network. With over 25 years experience helping large and small businesses find marketing solutions, recruit qualified candidates and sell more widgets, she knows the power of adding email broadcasts to a multi-platform marketing mix.

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