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Reclaim the Name: SYNC2 Media now Colorado Press Network

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In the 1940s, the Colorado Press Service was created as a one-stop shop for clients and to direct advertising dollars to Colorado Press Association members.

In 2012, the for-profit affiliate of the CPA changed its name to SYNC2 Media as a sign of the times and to show clients the organization could offer a variety of services.

Now, in 2018, to create a stronger relationship with its members and clients, SYNC2 Media — the advertising affiliate of the CPA — is reclaiming the “Colorado Press” name, but with a new moniker: the Colorado Press Network.

“Changing the name was not taken lightly,” said CPN board chair Matt Sandberg, “as it requires extensive investment and marketing to establish a new brand.”

The name change to SYNC2 Media was focused on showing it had more services to offer; however, the name change also brought about some confusion.

CPA members weren’t making the connection between SYNC2 Media and its partnership with the Colorado Press Association, and it was taking time from both sides to explain the relationship.

“Going back to the Colorado Press name we hope will help resolve some of that disconnect and show our dedication to our members,” said Jerry Raehal, the CEO of CPN and CPA.

Ad reps found that using the Colorado Press name in marketing pitches held more sway with ad clients than the SYNC2 name.

“There is prestige in the Colorado Press name,” Raehal said.

Newspaper media is much more than print; it includes websites, digital agencies, sponsorship events, and more. One reason the name change was made in 2012 was to showcase that the organization offered more; some clients did not want to deal with a print-only company.

“With the name change, we want to run into the problem,” Raehal said. “We want to explain that newspaper media is more than print, and that we provide services beyond that. We think that education process will benefit both our clients and our members. We also want to remind clients of the Return of Investment print provides.”

Sandberg agreed: “We want to serve more customers with advertising services offered by the Colorado Press Network. I think (the name change) will only have a positive impact.”

More than a name change, it was also a time for the board and staff to review its value proposition. Historically, that proposition has been the organization could offer the same rates as the members but with one call and one bill, saving the client time and money.

“While that is still a goal CPN will work with members on as it’s a great service to clients, due to a variety of issues, we cannot always offer that to our clients,” Raehal said. “But what this process helped us do is re-evaluate where we stand and what sets us apart: We can offer brand safety in an environment where that’s becoming more and more important. We offer a trusted product and great knowledge base that’s hard to find elsewhere.”

A new name and value proposition is just the latest change for the organization.

In 2017, a new SYNC2 Media (now CPN) board of directors was formed.

“The new board members have changed the entire dynamic of our meetings and mission,” Raehal said. “They’ve been challenging and supportive.”

In addition to the new board, the for-profit company looked at ways to reinvest. Establishing an inbound marketing campaign started. A Colorado Readership study, conducted in June 2017, proved to be a great talking point for clients. The study was white-labelled and distributed to the members for use with clients and their communities.

And in addition to the name change in 2018, there will be a complete review and retool of collateral. Plans for improvements to the website, more marketing and additional staffing are also in motion.

“It’s encouraging to know that the board and the staff are dedicated to our mission,” Raehal said. “And that’s to help our clients, and to help our members—who this organization was created for—the Colorado Press.”