We all know the best results come from a cross-platform marketing mix. But what’s so special about email?

Well, a study by Gigaom Research showed that marketers consistently rank email as the #1 digital marketing tactic for awareness, acquisition, retention and conversion.

Still not convinced? Read on for more:

Best ROI of any platform:

Campaign Monitoring reports that email campaigns consistently have returns on investment of around 4,400 percent - that’s better than Search, social, direct mail or mobile!

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Easily shareable:

Someone who opens your email message can forward it to friends and families with the click of a button, and emails are easily shareable on Social media, as well. This organic spread of your message extends the reach of your brand and can gain you additional customers at no extra cost.

Reach people where they are:

On their mobile phones, that is! More than half of all email is opened on a mobile phone and the percentage continues to rise. 


‘Everyone’ isn’t your ideal customer and trying to mass market can be costly as well as ineffective. Whether you’re looking to reach people in a certain zip code, city, county, state or delivery area, emails can be sent to just the geography that makes sense for your business.

They can also be refined using demographic selects like gender, income or education levels. Why pay to send your message to people who are never going to become customers? After all, if you paint houses, you only want to advertise to homeowners, not people who lease apartments, right?!

Measurable and Easily Tracked:

Not only can you see immediately how your campaign performed, you can also see exactly what links people clicked on, which can help fine tune conversion opportunities and improve the results of future email broadcasts.

Plays well with others:

Need to ignite your existing platforms? Hotlinks and clickable icons in your email can drive traffic to your existing website as well as boost Page Likes/Followers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Great for customer acquisition:

Want to sell more widgets? Looking for more customers for your products and services? Email beats social by more than 40x for customer acquisition. In fact, 80 percent of FB users say that they have NEVER bought a product or service as a result of an ad or Comment on FB.

  • “When it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate (66%), when compared to social, direct mail, and more.” Source: CurrenMedia
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Email blasts allow you to deliver your message direct to your ideal customer in an interactive, intimate, personalized way with measurable, trackable results.

Whether it’s general branding, reaching existing customers or finding new ones to expand your business, recruiting qualified candidates for an open position or selling your product or service, it can be done quickly and cost-effectively by adding email blasts to your existing marketing mix.

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Judy Quelch

Judy is the resident email guru at Colorado Press Network. With over 25 years experience helping large and small businesses find marketing solutions, recruit qualified candidates and sell more widgets, she knows the power of adding email broadcasts to a multi-platform marketing mix.