Have you ever been to a website and then noticed the ads for that site keep following you around to other pages you visit?

It’s like you’re being stalked on the web … and you are. However, the professional name is a little different. It’s called re-targeting or remarketing.

So how does one become a target of retargeting?

Well, that’s a matter of code. The visited site has been coded so that when people visit, the information is retained to keep following them around.

Why does this matter and how does it help?

Because only 2 percent of web traffic converts on a person’s first visit to the site. Retargeting allows your business to stay Top of Mind on the Internet and help you get the conversions from the other 98 percent of people.

And we’ve seen that it works. In fact, we don’t recommend an online banner ad campaign — either by direct placement or through a programmatic feature — unless a client is not going to add retargeting. Why? Because the results are so much better with retargeting and, like you, we’re in the business of delivering results.

More than a banner idea

Retargeting is not just for online banner ads. It is highly effective for search campaigns, email blasts and social media campaigns.

The one problem with retargeting is that it does not know when to stop. So even if a client has purchased the product from the website, it will still cyber stalk them. From a branding perspective, this is not a bad issue, and is actually a good problem.

What does it cost?

The cost for retargeting in most cases is based on Cost Per Thousand (CPM) or can be built into search campaigns.

In short, retargeting is one of the most effective Top of Mind awareness tools on the Web. If you would like to learn more about it, contact us at or call 303-571-5117.

Jerry Raehal

Jerry Raehal is the CEO of Colorado Press Network and the Colorado Press Association. He finds stalking creepy in all manners … other than retargeting. That, he thinks, you should really consider.

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