We primarily serve a rural, agricultural population in Eastern Colorado. The Stratton Spotlight's tabloid format makes for uncluttered weekly publications that Advertisements don't "get lost" in. When you advertise in the Stratton Spotlight, your ad will be noticed, and not "buried" where it gets lost.


  • National rate: $5.00 per column inch
  • Open local rate (1-time rate): $5.00 per column inch
  • Non-profit rate: 20% discount off regular rate = $4.00 per column inch


Print circulation: Weekly. Print only. 375 annual Subscribers plus 100 papers placed for Counter Sales in 80836 and 80807 zip codes

Average Monthly Unique Visitors (Online): N/A

Coverage area (by zip code): 60% of subscriptions cover the following zip codes: 80203, 80805, 80807, 80815, 80822, 80824, 80834, 80836, 80861

The remaining 40% are scattered throughout the State of Colorado and nationwide.