Print advertising: Your best Return on Investment

Newspaper media works

Newspapers still provide some of the greatest return of investment you can find. And at Colorado Press Network, we can get you in newspapers across Colorado or the nation with one call. 

We don’t charge placement fees. We get the same or better rates than you would get going to the papers individually. We do the work, you get the results. 

It’s read

A recent study — conducted by Pulse Research in June 2017 — shows that newspaper media readership in Colorado has one of the strongest newspaper followings in the nation. For example, 72 percent of Colorado residents responded that they’ve accessed newspaper media in the last week, which is 8 percent higher than the national average (Source: National Newspaper Association).

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It works

  • 79 percent of all U.S. adults say they’ve taken actions based on newspaper advertising in the past month.
  • 65 percent of community market adults said newspaper ads are influential in making purchasing decisions.
  • 78 percent of community market adults said they rarely or never rely on radio for purchasing decisions.
  • 70 percent of community market adults said they rarely or never rely on television for purchasing decisions.

It’s trusted

Consumers rate newspapers as the medium with the most trusted and believable ads; most value in planning shopping; and preferred for receiving advertising information.


In Colorado, newspaper advertising was trusted much higher than social media and other forms of advertising. 

 It targets your audience

A major benefit of newspaper advertising is how newspapers offer a variety of products and ways to target audiences. You can:

  • Zone by inserts
  • Place in niche publications
  • Place in various sections of the paper
  • Behavior target on newspaper websites