Case study: education

Case Study: A Colorado Business School

How do colleges and universities attract the best students for their programs? How do they get potential students to navigate what school is right for them when competition is so tough? That was the challenge.

Colorado Press Network answered.

We sat down with the client through several sessions to first develop the message: What made this campaign unique? What was the right message? Who were we targeting?

CPN then devised a multi-tiered approach to attacking the campaign. We narrowed the geography to a select portion of Colorado then used mobile, online, email and targeted print ads in local communities.

The results speak for themselves.

The Results

  • With the multi-platformed approach, the school saw enrollment increase by 700% during the campaign. All sectors of the campaign — online, mobile, email and print — saw at least a conversion.
  • The ROI on the campaign was more than 143,000%.

Partnership impact

  • The success of the campaign has kept us in the client's plans throughout the year and has opened up new opportunities with other departments within the school.

Campaign objectives

  • Find the right message for a new graduate program
  • Find the right audience to highlight that message
  • Find the right geo and demographics to highlight the school's new campus
  • Drive qualified candidates to engage in online actions or to attend one of several information sessions

Target audience

  • People with a college degree and an interest in continuing education
  • People in desired demo, also located within a 25-mile radius of new campus
  • Commuters in and around the new campus location


  • Four targeted email blasts highlighting the message
  • Continual online and mobile targeting to same geo
  • Retargeting online, mobile and email blasts
  • Print campaign built around community newspapers and events featuring program information

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