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Marketing a product or service takes time. The most effective campaigns involve a multifaceted approach. Over time that wins customers' trust. Using only one tool out of the tool bag doesn’t usually work.

But the Space Camp didn’t have time for a multi-month campaign.

That’s the challenge Colorado Press Network answered.

We sat down with the client and looked at what might work with only a couple weeks' time.

We narrowed the geo to their sweet spot and found demographics that would draw the best results. With such little time, an email blast was the best tactic for instant success.

The results speak for themselves.

The Results

  • With one email blast sent to our targeted demographic, we were able to take the list of new signups at the end of the summer and find that one blast brought in 81% of the camp’s new customers.
  • 88 new customers signed up
  • The ROI on the campaign was more than 3,860%.

Partnership impact

  •  After initially exploring other options, the success of the campaign has led to more constant emails and a more well-rounded marketing plan.

Campaign objectives

  • In two weeks' time, find the right demographic and geo for the campaign
  • Design a creative campaign that was strong and had a clear call to action
  • Narrowing down to our sweet spot, we sent out 52,264 emails and had more than 7,000 opens
  • The click thru was average, but the qualified leads were much better

Target audience

  • Men and women with a household income of $150K+ with children ages 9-15.
  • Target those with an interest in aviation, events, entertainment, science, video games and education
  • Target a 200-mile radius of the space camp


  • Once we found our targeted audience and got the email numbers suitable, we added a match back to check results.
  • The match back took the list of new signups and cross checked it with the list we sent out.