Chris Baker


Chris Baker has been the publisher of The Taos News since 2000. Baker and his team in Taos, NM publish over 25 niche magazines and guides. Niche revenue is one of the paper’s largest revenue streams, grossing over $1 million annually. From illustrated maps to sophisticated glossy magazines, the 10,000 circulation weekly churns out high-quality fiber and cyber niche products. Baker lives in Taos with his wife Lisa and son Aidan.


Flash session: Best Niche Idea Exchange 2018

This is an opportunity to share, with other CPA members, your greatest and latest ideas. Has your newspaper had success with new special sections, contests, increasing community involvement, or any new revenue streams? Does your sales team have an innovative approach that merges fiber and cyber niche products into new revenue drivers? Maybe you have an online magazine found exclusively on your website? No idea is too small. Come and be part of the conversation, especially if you’re a publisher, ad director or sales associate, at the Best Niche Idea Exchange 2018.