Chris Rhoades

Chris Rhoades, of Courtside Marketing, with sessions on “Selling Against Social & Overcoming other objections” and “Getting Outside our Footprint” — how to grow revenue by getting outside the normal newspaper footprint.


Selling Against Social & Overcoming other objections

Social media and on-line marketing is a hot topic these days. But, what do we say, when our customers tell us they "only advertise on Facebook"? Or that "everything is on-line now". How do we combat this public perception that social media is the be-all, end-all when it comes to marketing? This session will uncover some misconceptions about social media, and why it might not be all it's cracked up to be. We'll also discuss sales strategies to show the power of print versus on-line. In addition, we will spend time overcoming other general sales objections, and share an easy strategy to overcome ANY objection that you might face when selling to your customers.

Getting Outside our Footprint  

This session will focus on how to grow revenue by getting outside the normal newspaper footprint. We'll discuss topics ranging from how (and why) to create a niche publishing division within your operation, how to grow digital revenue, event planning, and much more. If you are looking for revenue growth, this session is for you. Chris Rhoades, of Enterprise Publishing Company, has launched a niche division, a digital agency, and recently a screen printing and promotional business during the last five years, to further diversify their operation. He will take you through some ways to grow, on a large or small scale, as well as look at some case studies from other newspapers. Plenty of time will be available to share ideas and ask questions to Chris, and the other attendees.


Chris began his career as a financial advisor for Edward Jones Investments in Omaha, where he honed his skills in sales and customer service. Ten years ago he joined Enterprise Publishing Company in Blair, the Rhoades’ family-owned newspaper and publishing business, with 13 newspapers in Nebraska and Iowa. In early 2015, Chris and his team launched Courtside Marketing, LLC. This company provides digital marketing solutions in an agency format, in addition to niche print publications and other marketing services. Chris received the Nebraska Press Association’s Outstanding Young Journalist Award in 2011 and was NNA's Daniel M. Phillips Leadership Award winner in 2016. He now serves as associate publisher of Enterprise Publishing Co., and president of Courtside Marketing.