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Colorado Journalism Week: Events

  • 1 min to read

Community and school events are a great way to educate and engage with your community and youth. And by educate, we mean that as a two-way street. In this section there is:

  • a one-sheet about community events,
  • a slide deck and information for events in a box that was developed to present to schools but could also be used for a community meeting.


One-sheet community events:


Slide deck: For school or community gathering 

How to use the events in a box:

Create a media company:

Goal: By having people create their own media company, the hope is for them to see the positives and pitfall facing media companies. 

Get in groups of 3-5

Come up with Name: (1 minute)

  • Have them create the city or community they cover plus the flag (name of the publication)

 How will you reach audience: 5 minutes

Outline who your desired audience and how best to reach them

  • Print
  • Online
  • Newsletters
  • Broadcast
  • If online component, will you have print, video, polls, other

 What expenses do you think you will have? 2 minutes

  • Staff
  • Benefits
  • If online, website name, website hosting, internet, etc., social media budget to push stories, etc.  

What revenue sources do you think you will have?  2 minutes


 The goal is for students to understand how the inter workings  and challenges of a media company in the digital age.

  • If they say they will produce revenue by subscriptions, ask them how many of them subscribe or parents subscribe to online services (I have met one student who has raised their hands.

  • If they say they will try to reach people in their age range, note that 50 percent of the disposable income is held by Generation X and above; is the selected community/demographic the best way to generate revenue.