bylaws change graphic

The times they are a-changin’, and the Colorado Press Association is changing with them.

CPA seeks to update its bylaws to more accurately represent online-only and nonprofit members, as well as to clean up outdated language.

Content sharing and partnerships among news organizations is nothing new, but reduced staffs make it imperative, so the wording “or agreements with other journalism-based organizations” was added to show that a publication’s content can be from other news outlets, as long as an agreement is in place with those outlets.

In addition, to create uniform standards between newspapers and online news sites, the same language that currently exists for newspaper also now applies to news websites.

The proposed bylaws changes are a continuation of changes made in 2015 and 2016. To see the proposed bylaws, click here.

“When we made bylaws changes a couple years ago, we knew that there were still some murky waters,” said Jerry Raehal, CPA CEO. “The goal was to get things started, but then as issues came up, we would address them. And these bylaw changes do address some of those issues. For example, on the online and nonprofit side, questions were raised what it meant to be a nonprofit publication, as well why online standards are different than print standards, and these bylaws changes hopefully reflect answers to those questions.”

One final change deletes archaic language regarding insurance coverage.

The process of changing the bylaws began in the fall, with CPA’s Membership and Bylaws Committee first discussing possible changes, then recommending changes to the Board of Directors.

At its January meeting, the Board recommend changes to be voted on by the general membership at the annual meeting of the 2018 convention, scheduled for April 13 at the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs. If a member is unable to attend, they are allowed a proxy vote, but to do so, must fill out and submit this form

CPA was one of the first state press associations to allow online-only members and the first to have an online-only board member.

If you have questions or comments, contact Jerry Raehal at or at 720-274-7171.