The speaker line-up for the 2017 Annual Convention is being developed, and several high level presenters have agreed to be at the April 21-22 event at the Denver West Sheraton.


Jed Williams

For the second straight year, Gov. John Hickenlooper has agreed to be a keynote speaker. The plan is for him to provide a State-of-the-State either during the Friday or Saturday luncheon.

On the advertising front, the Local Media Association’s new Chief Innovation Officer Jed Williams is slated to present on three subjects: “Thinking Like a Startup: Building a Culture of Disruptive Innovation,” “The Changing SMB,” and “Smarter Selling for Digital Success.”


Tom Hallman

A presentation on Events as Revenue has been agreed to, but details are still being worked on.

On the editorial front, Pulitzer-winning writer Tom Hallman of the Oregonian is scheduled to appear. Hallman presented during the 2015 convention, and was the highest rated speaker that year.


Jennifer Hefty

Matthew Stephens and Jennifer Hefty of the Fort Collins Coloradoan are slated to do a presentation on how to use Facebook Live in reporting. A representative of the Coloradoan also plans on doing a session on the 80-20 rule of newsroom coverage.


Matthew Stephens

Adobe and design guru Russell Viers is back as well, after presenting at last year’s convention. Typically, the CPA tries to avoid bringing the same speakers on back-to-back years, but the demand for Viers was so high, he is back in town.


Russell Viers

The speaker line-up is still being added to, said Jerry Raehal, CEO of the CPA.

“It is an honor to have Gov. Hickenlooper come back to present to the membership,” Raehal said. “In addition to the governor, we’re excited to have such high quality national speakers and local talent who have already agreed to present or who we are in conversations about coming.

“Our goal is simple: To provide one of the nation’s best educational conventions, while also promoting networking and inspiration. With the line-up we’re establishing, we hope to meet that goal.”