Great Convention say 2017 attendees

The results from the survey of attendees to the 2017 Colorado Press Association Convention are in, and once again the event was rated highly by respondents. Forty-one attendees of the April convention gave their feedback on all aspects of the event with a majority giving “good” or “great” ratings for the services provided.

All but three questions saw an increase in good or great ratings compared with last year’s survey. Overall, the event received a 96 percent good or great rating, up from 95 percent last year and 86 percent in 2015.

“This was among the best conventions I've attended for any journalism organization,” said one respondent. “I left with 12 pages of handwritten notes and lots of ideas for how to improve my own work and that of my newsroom.”

The speaker line-up was also once again well liked, with 97 percent of respondents giving a good or great rating.

Most impressively, the CPA staff service and the convention program both received a perfect 100 percent good or great rating, with one respondent exclaiming, “The whole convention was well run. CPA staff is terrific!”

Hotel service saw a significant increase since last year, jumping from 84 percent good or great in 2016 to 97 percent in 2017.

The only areas that saw significant decreases were the awards show, which dropped from 91 to 69 percent, and food, which sank from 74 to 50 percent.

Out of all the guest speakers for the 2017 convention, Enterprise Publishing’s Chris Rhoades was the most well received, with high ratings for both of his sessions “Selling against social & overcoming other objections” and “Getting outside your footprint.”

“(Rhoades has) good ideas,” said one respondent. “It really opened my eyes to the cooperation needed between departments to make events go from good to great.”

Design expert Russell Viers once again received good reviews, with his session “Using Creative Suit as a single application” netting a 100-percent great rating from participants. His other session, “Power of Process” also received only good or great reviews.

Journalist and true crime author Amber Hunt’s session, “Newsroom: The ethics of audio” was another highly rated talk, with an 89 percent good or great rating.

Speakers Amber Hunt, J Tom Hallman Jr. and Jed Williams rounded out the top five highest-rated speakers.

Popular suggestions for next year's convention included improvements to the food served, dropping the Friday dinner and keeping the Friday night social.

“Thanks so much to everyone who attended the convention and provided feedback,” said Jerry Raehal, CPA CEO. “We’re happy people were pleased with the event, and we know what areas need more work to make the 2018 Convention an even better experience for our members.”