Great Divide Brewing has donated beer as a fundraiser for Colorado Press Association’s journalism foundation, so you can hoist a pint for the future of Colorado journalism beginning at the AP cocktail and appetizers 5 p.m. Friday, April 21 during the CPA Convention.

Suggested donation per pint at the convention is $5, less than what the hotel charges. Net proceeds go to the journalism foundation.

“While Great Divide hasn’t been around quite as long as the 139-year-old Colorado Press Association, we do consider ourselves part of the craft beer fabric of this state,” Great Divide said in a statement. “We’re excited to support valued local institutions that serve Colorado denizens by providing them with accurate and well-researched reporting while also helping usher in the next crop of journalism all-stars.”

Some background: CPA’s journalism foundation is a foundation in name only. It’s actually two funds hosted by the Denver Foundation to support the future of Colorado journalism.

The first fund is focused on continuing education and includes supporting the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition and providing trainings at no cost to Colorado’s journalists. The second fund provides annual scholarships for both high school and college students majoring in journalism or media. Click here for more information.

"We currently have 57 active scholarships that we administer," said the Denver Foundation's Director of Scholarship Programs Sharon Harper. "In 2016, we awarded $3.9m to 892 students attending 154 different schools across the United States. The Colorado Press Association’s Scholarship Fund is an example of a targeted scholarship that is aimed to support students interested in pursuing journalism and furthering the quality of journalism through supporting higher qualified scholars who have demonstrated a commitment to the field."

CPA CEO Jerry Raehal said fundraising is needed to continue CPA's philanthropic efforts. 

“We are always looking at new ways to raise funds for the foundation and when you donate for a Great Divide beverage at the convention, you’re literally investing in the future of journalism,” said Jerry Raehal, CPA CEO. “The reality is we have given out way more foundation funds then we’ve brought in, and we need to be successful in fundraising or, at some point, we will have to consider the viability of the foundation programs.

“We are thankful to Great Divide for helping us in this endeavor.”

Sales of Great Divide beers are by donation only, with a suggested donation of $5 a pint.

For those who prefer other beverages, the hotel will have a full bar, and you don't have to drink to donate.