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New at the convention: Learning … in a Flash

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Flash session

Welcome to the Colorado Press Association’s inaugural Flash Session. Think of speed dating meets convention learnin’. There are 11 presenters. Your goal is to not only listen but interact in the sessions. The sessions will last 20 minutes each with two minutes between sessions. You won’t be able to attend all so pick the tables you think will best be beneficial.

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Best Niche Idea Exchange 2018

Chris Baker

This is an opportunity to share with other CPA members your greatest and latest ideas. Has your newspaper had success with new special sections, contests, increasing community involvement, or any new revenue streams? Does your sales team have an innovative approach that merges fiber and cyber niche products into new revenue drivers? Maybe you have an online magazine found exclusively on your website? No idea is too small. Come and be part of the conversation, especially if you’re a publisher, ad director or sales associate, at the Best Niche Idea Exchange 2018.

Fostering Engagement on Facebook

Spencer McKee

As more brands and publishers seek to attract the "engaged consumer," social media has played an increasingly important role in marketing campaigns and audience development strategies. By unlocking the power of tools like Facebook, a company is able to connect with their target demographic on a personal, more intimate level. This flash session will cover simple strategies that can help align your approach toward digital marketing with company goals, as well as common social media pitfalls that should be avoided.

Using Tech to Increase Engagement and Subscriptions

Marc Wilson

As traditional advertising revenue declines, newspapers are learning that they have to rely more on subscriptions, in print and online. Marc Wilson, founder of, will lead a session to discuss how newspapers are using technology to increase engagement and digital subscription revenues. New membership models developed by the Omaha World Herald, Richmond Times Dispatch and others will be featured.

Ethical Decision Making on Deadline

Therese Bottomly

In today’s fast-paced news environment, journalists are making important decisions without as much of a safety net as in the past. But there are tips and tactics to make solid ethical decisions even under deadline pressure.

What are we Measuring?

Erica Smith

What we care about should guide what we measure. Let’s talk about analytics — website, social media and newsletters — and figure out how to measure what we do.

Exploring the Impact of Immersive Storytelling

Kathleen Ryan, Elizabeth Skewes, Pat Clark

We will review and discuss digital storytelling platforms to help determine the impact of 360 video, augmented reality, and virtual reality storytelling on viewers. Using the case study ‘oil and gas extraction,’ the research team produced stories featuring the same information in all three interactive forms. We then asked audience members to view the stories so that we could assess, through a quasi-experimental design and through focus groups, which of the story formats resulted in greater connection to the story and to the issues raised in it.

Publishing Fast, Beautiful Mobile Content with Google AMP

Jordan Wirfs-Brock

Want your content to load in a flash on mobile devices? Google’s project, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), helps you publish fast, elegant, mobile-optimized content. In this session, you’ll learn some of the basic skills to publish with AMP. We’ll also discuss what content works best on mobile, how to reach your target audiences, and strategies for monetization, analytics and engagement.

Augmented Reality: Meeting Digital Expectations

Joseph Svec

Newspapers know that today’s readers live in a digital world and are still trying to figure out how to bring their publication into that world. Adding websites and joining the digital clutter on the web was the knee jerk reaction but fails to bring the printed page fully in line with today’s digital expectations. Instead of replacing the printed page with digital clutter, Augmented Reality can work with printed pages to offer targeted news and experiences to today's audiences. Not just digital, Augmented Reality is the bridge, the catalyst, that turns print into the gateway to relevant digital experiences to meet digital expectations.

5 Pro Tips for Growing a Freelance-Writing Business

Jennifer Forker

Want to supplement your income (and your employer is OK with that)? Jennifer Forker will share her top tips for how to freelance on the side. Forker has been a freelance reporter for more than 20 years, picking up gigs around the country while following her vagabond journalist husband, Jim Clarke of the AP. She continues to freelance while working full-time in public relations. The barriers between PR and journalism have grown fuzzy in recent years. We also can discuss how to navigate that tricky divide.

Boost your #RealNewsCO Message

Linda Shapley

For the inaugural year of Colorado Journalism Week, we seek to celebrate the myriad ways that journalists have sought to educate, enlighten and engage the residents of Colorado. It's just a week, but with the right planning, it could be a yearlong celebration! Coordinator Linda Shapley is here to answer your questions about Colorado Journalism Week and offer tips on how to broadcast that message to your community.

Improving obituary content, revenue

Mike Heene

Obituaries in print have been on the decline. This is critical content providing not only audience, but also consistent revenue. Facebook, and even funeral home websites have become newspaper’s digital competitors. To keep obituaries relevant, it is necessary to understand the needs of funeral directors and to have efficient methods to address their goals. Research has proven that saving time, eliminating errors and having an easy way to price and place multiple market orders in one process are core needs for your funeral providers. Join Adpay General Manger, Mike Heene, to discuss how to bridge the gap between newspapers and funeral homes, and to keep newspapers relevant in today’s environment.