Legal hotline

Members have free access to the CPA Legal Hotline hosted by Colorado’s top media lawyers as well as advocates at the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition —– just a call or email away.

Digital platform

Want to become the one-stop shop for your clients but don’t know where to start? Member papers have access to all of SYNC2 Media’s products at wholesale rate, and we will do the background work. All you have to do is make the sale, and we can help you do that, too.

Networking Opportunities

The CPA holds meetings and events throughout the year when members and others in the industry meet, learn and exchange ideas.


The CPA’s premier event offers the best of our educational opportunities, a chance to network with industry leaders and peers and to celebrate our industry’s great work when the annual awards are announced. CPA members receive discounted rates to attend the convention.

Resources and more

Have a question about how to handle something or who to call? Our staff is here to help. The CPA always is looking at how we can better serve our members.

Lobbying services

CPA’s public policy team protects your media-related interests in the state and national capitols.

Revenue enhancement

SYNC2 Media is an extension of your sales staff, giving you services of a national newspaper and online advertising placement firm and bringing in dollars directly to your publication. Member newspapers also get a discount on the holdback for ad placement compared to non-members.

Contests and awards

CPA assures that your publication and staff get the recognition they deserve (and that your advertisers like to see) in the annual CPA Better Newspaper Contest.

Training Opportunities

Gain access to discounted and affordable seminars and online training through SYNC2 U-niversity, covering topics from reporting basics and new-hire ad sales to technology, social networking, management issues and more. CPA members receive discounted rates to attend the webinars and regional trainings.

In the courts

Beyond the legal hotline and work at the Legislature, the CPA also focuses on, and becomes party to, court cases of industry importance, ensuring our members are proactively protected from damaging policy and court decisions.

Advocacy platform

CPA is dedicated to the promotion of the newspaper industry in all its forms — print, digital and video. In addition, the CPA can help you with your advocacy, with white-label house ads, columns and social media memes.

Best Practices

Don’t have time for webinars or in-person training? We also offer best practice documents to help you or your staff navigate a variety of decisions and issues.

Information & trends

Keep up to date with the latest news and trends in Colorado and beyond with our monthly Colorado Editor publication and frequent member communications and our bi-weekly newsletter – the Colorado e-Editor. Find answers to your frequently asked questions about content, advertising, public affairs and more with exclusive membership access to