Either through its biweekly email newsletter — the Colorado e-Editor — or general updates, the Colorado Press Association uses email as a way to communicate with its members.

And you can too. We have two email sponsorship options.

Colorado e-Editor

You can have a sponsored story/link in the Colorado e-Editor (and it will be titled as such). 

Colorado e-Editor stories give short previews then link to the main articles. 

Cost for an e-Editor blast is $35 for members, $250 for non-members. 

Click here to see an example of the e-Editor. 

Sponsored email blast

This would be sent out by the Press Association highlighting your service, and it can be targeted to certain industry demographics (publishers, editors, ad directors, etc.)

Creative would be built inside the CPA's email platform. Additional creative could increase cost. 

Cost for a sponsored email blast is $100 for members, $500 for non-members. 

More email options

Are you looking to reach a wider audience than news leaders?

Our for-profit affiliate Colorado Press Network has an email blast service that lets you reach across the nation while also drilling down to the people you want, based on geography, demographics and interests.

Click here to learn more 

To learn more

Contact Jerry Raehal at 720-274-7171 or at jraehal@colorpress.net