Individual Memberships 

Why apply for individual membership to the Colorado Press Association? 

Are you a freelancer? Are you looking for ways to network your skills? Are you looking for ways to become better at your craft?

Are you looking to separate yourself in terms of credibility? Do you want access to events that only CPA press credentials can help with?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you could benefit from an individual membership with the CPA. 

The CPA offers three different types of individual memberships — individual, retired executive and honorary. 

This is a non-voting membership type, meaning individuals cannot vote on general membership questions or be on the board of directors. Individuals also cannot submit work for the annual contest, but their work can be submitted by a CPA member paper. 

Individual membership benefits:

  • Promoted by CPA to those seeking freelance or contract work
  • Access to press credentials
  • Discounted rates to attend the annual Colorado Press Association convention
  • Discounted rates to attend SYNC2 U Online University webinars, many of which are free for CPA members
  • Discounted rates to attend regional trainings
  • Access to best practice documents
  • Access to training videos
  • Subscription to the Colorado Editor and Colorado e-Editor, keeping you up to date on industry trends and information.
  • Advocacy benefits of CPA in a variety of forms
  • CPA staff as a resource
  • The power of the CPA’s name
  • And more

Who can apply for Individual Membership: 

  1. Representatives of an out-of-state newspaper or news site; state; regional or national press associations
  2. Former employees who are retired or otherwise not currently engaged in their profession
  3. Freelance writers, authors, photographers or artists
  4. Teachers of journalism and other representatives of accredited educational institutions

Who can apply for Retired Executives Membership: 

Retired Executive Membership in the Colorado Press Association shall be offered to any person who has held the position of publisher, manager, editor or executive of any voting member organization of the Association for duration of not fewer than five (5) years and who is presently inactive in the newspaper profession in the State of Colorado.

Who can apply for Honorary Membership:

Honorary Memberships shall be conferred only by a vote of a majority of the Board of Directors as a special honor to individuals considered deserving of same for special services to the profession. Honorary Life Membership is automatically conferred on any past president of this Association. Other Honorary Members’ terms shall be established by the Board of Directors and may be terminated at any time.

Membership dues

Individual membership: $85 per calendar year

Retired Executive membership: $25 per calendar year 

Honorary membership: $25 per calendar year

How to apply or renew:

To apply or renew your membership, you can either fill out the pdf attached to this page or you can apply/renew online.