Free Distribution & Paid, Non-legal Designated Newspaper Membership 

Why Free Distribution and Paid, Non-legal publications as members?

In most Press Associations, free and non-legal newspapers are not allowed full membership. In Colorado, we recognize the value they bring to their communities and to our association. And by being members, they get the status that so many other papers around the nation don't receive. 


Voting members get a variety of benefits. For details on benefits, click here or download a more complete list with the pdf on this page. 

Requirements for membership: 

A publication shall be eligible to be a Free-Distribution Newspaper Member by meeting the following requirements:

  1. The publication must be published and printed in an accepted newspaper format, standard or tabloid, and meet the ethical, news and typographical standards generally recognized by the newspaper profession.
  2. The publication must have a known Colorado-based office of publication, open to the public, where the business of the publication is transacted during usual business hours, with a local telephone listing.
  3. The publication shall be published consecutively for at least one year prior to application for membership. It shall be published at least weekly and shall also bear a fixed title or name, datelines and numbered volume sequence.
  4. The publication must annually publish, verify and submit to the Association accurate circulation figures, based on a recognized auditing agency, a sworn post office statement, or a duly notarized statement.
  5. The yearly average of news-editorial content shall not be less than 25% of the newspaper. Of news-editorial content, at least 75% shall be produced by the local staff of the newspaper or be purchased from recognized news sources such as Associated Press, Scripps Howard or similar news services.

Membership dues:

Membership dues are based on circulation and frequency of publication. The CPA also offers a multi-flag group rate. See attached PDF for breakdown. 

To apply for membership:

You can either download the pdf on this page or you can apply online.