member types

Legal-Designated Newspaper Membership 

Why Legal Newspaper publications are members?

Legal newspapers helped establish the Colorado Press Association. As the long-standing core of the CPA, they get a plethora of benefits, ranging from trainings to advocacy to fighting in the legislature and courts. 


Voting members get a wide variety of support and advocacy. For details on membership benefits, click here or download a more complete list with the pdf on this page. 

Requirements for membership:  

A publication is eligible to be a Legal Newspaper Member by meeting the following requirements:

  1. The publication must be recognized as a legal newspaper under the publication laws of Colorado.
  2. The publication must annually publish, verify and submit to the Association accurate circulation figures based on a recognized auditing agency, a sworn post office statement or a duly notarized statement.

Membership dues:

Membership dues are based on circulation and frequency of publication. The CPA also offers a multi-flag group rate. See attached PDF for breakdown. 

To apply for membership:

You can either download the pdf on this page or you can apply online.