Online News Only

Online News Only Membership

Why do online publications want to be members?

In a word, credibility.

With the internet filled with bloggers, keyboard brave social media mavericks and less than trustworthy websites, having a membership to the Colorado Press Association helps our online members be seen as legitimate news sources. 

And that matters. It matters to politicians, who want to know who is legitimate. It matters to the public, who have come to trust the Press Association and its members.

In addition to credibility, CPA provides members with a host of other benefits. 


Online members get a variety of benefits. For details on membership benefits, click here or download a more complete list with the pdf on this page. 

Requirements for membership: 

An online publication shall be eligible to be an Online News Website Member by meeting the following requirements:

  1. An online news site must publish for one year regularly and consecutively, prior to application for CPA Online Membership.
  2. The online news website must be published using recognized standards of professional journalism. Its content must be revised on a regular basis not less than once per week.
  3. The online news website must be principally devoted to the dissemination of original local or general news and other editorial content (not less than 50 percent of overall content). A substantial portion must be staff produced or locally written and must be available to the general public via the World Wide Web.
  4. The online news website must not serve primarily as a platform to promote the interests or opinions of a special interest group, individual or cause.
  5. The online news website must have a local telephone listing and a known Colorado-based office of publication, open to the public, where the business or publication is transacted during usual business hours.
  6. All other definitions of a "newspaper," as determined by the CPA Bylaws and the Board of Directors of the Association, shall apply to Online News Websites membership.

Membership dues:

Currently, online members pay a standard fee of $1,000 annually. A readership model is being worked on that could change this set-up in the future. 

To apply for membership:

You can either download the pdf on this page or you can apply online.