Being the "Press" no longer means just a certain type of publication. Paid circulation or free, online or in print — to be the Press is evolving and changing.

And so is the Colorado Press Association. 

Like other press associations, the CPA has its legacy legal publications as members (newspapers that publish public notices). But in 2015, the CPA also gave full membership rights and benefits to free and non-legal publications as well as monthly and alternative publications  and online-only publications

Our members are print. They are digital. They're finding the best ways to inform their communities. And our goal is to help. 

Along with all the other benefits that come with being a CPA member, voting members can take part in the annual meeting and are eligible to be on the CPA board of directors. 

If you have questions on membership, please contact CPA CEO Jerry Raehal at 720-274-7171 or at jraehal@colopress.net