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10 tips and trends to be aware of, as compiled by Reed Eckhardt 

1 — Maintaining focus

Don’t lose sight of what is most important to your success: your customers.

2 — “Interactive print”

Augmented and virtual realities both may be in your not-so-distant future

3 — “Egoist” vs. “egotist”

They don’t mean the same thing. Moreover, they are not synonyms for “narcissist.”

4 — More on the environment

The Associated Press announces its plan to beef up its coverage of environmental issues.

5 — Watch your sourcing

A study shows readers find stories built on social media sources to be less credible.

6 — More wiggle room

Longer tweets are coming to Twitter on Sept. 19.

7 — Reverse mentoring

This 50-something got support from a young worker. The mix of youth and wisdom paid off.

8 — Writers’ Corner: Riding the canoe

In interviewing, let your questions guide the conversation. You steer; the subject does the rowing.

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9 — Managers’ Moment: Be approachable

Here are eight tips that will help to put anyone at ease.