Erica Smith


Erica Smith is the online editor and director of digital strategy at The Virginian-Pilot. She leads audience development, digital strategy and innovation at The Pilot. 
Erica was named the Local Media Association's digital news innovator of the year for 2017 for leading her newsroom in audience growth, introducing new products and innovative solutions to newsroom problems, and educating colleagues on trends and best practices. 
She previously worked at St. Louis Public Radio; the St. Louis Post-Dispatch; and a digital marketing agency. She's a month away from getting her master's in entrepreneurial technology. The best way to say hi digitally is with a cat GIF.

Make it and take it: Engagement strategy workshop

Are you eager to start a project? Whether it’s a newsletter, social media group or experiment, a beat, podcast or something totally different, this workshop takes you through the steps of building a plan to reach the audience you want. You’ll walk in with an idea and walk out with a written engagement plan, ready to make that idea real.

Flash session: What are we measuring?

What we care about should guide what we measure. Let’s talk about analytics — website, social media and newsletters — and figure out how to measure what we do.