Investing in the future of journalism

The Colorado Press Association journalism foundation provides scholarships for talented Colorado high school and college students who are pursuing a journalism career, as well as offers funding for training and growth opportunities for working professionals. The foundation strives to encourage and support people to enter the newspaper field.

Some background: In 1995, the Colorado Press Association foundation was established as the charitable arm of the CPA, but the foundation is that in name only. In 2005, CPA contracted The Denver Foundation to manage the foundation for growth of assets and the potential for endowment status in the future. The foundation is now two separate funds hosted by The Denver Foundation.

The first fund is focused on continuing education — such as helping fund training and supporting aligned nonprofits like the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition. The second fund provides annual scholarships for Colorado high school and college students majoring in journalism.

“The Colorado Press Association’s Scholarship Fund is an example of a targeted scholarship that is aimed to support students interested in pursuing journalism and furthering the quality of journalism through supporting higher qualified scholars who have demonstrated a commitment to the field, " said Sharon Harper, the Denver Foundation's director of scholarship programs.

Since 2011, the CPA journalism foundation has provided $82,500 in scholarships and $32,600 in educational grants. In the last 15 years, the foundation has provided four-to-nine scholarships annually to graduating high school and college students

The CPA journalism foundation could not do this important work without your support. The foundation’s scholarships and continuing education are provided by contributions from CPA member newspapers and individuals like you. Your donation is critical! During the past decade, donations to the foundation have been significantly down, making it more difficult to fund these important programs.

Support the journalism foundation’s valuable work by making your tax-deductible donation today. A gift of any amount will make a difference for the future of Colorado’s newspaper industry. Every dollar you donate goes to fund scholarships for deserving Colorado students and professional development for Colorado’s journalists. Give today for the future of Colorado journalism.

Make checks made payable to The Denver Foundation with the "Colorado Press Association Fund" in the memo line. You can also donate online now here.

CPA member publications may support the Journalism Foundation through the 'Ad' to Our Future campaign. By participating, CPA media members agree to donate the equivalent of either a quarter-page, half-page or full page black-and-white ad in their publication sold by Colorado Press Network. CPN would transfer the money to the Denver Foundation in that publication’s name.

Please donate today and support the future of Colorado journalism. For more information, please download the PDF below.

Download PDF for more information