Jed Williams

Jed Williams


“Thinking Like a Startup: Building a Culture of Disruptive Innovation”

Words like "disruption," "innovation" and "culture" are kicked around a lot, but for local media companies undergoing transformation, what do these concepts actually mean in practice? Hint: it’s not about ping pong tables! LMA Chief Innovation Officer Jed Williams, who has led strategy at two growth-stage tech platforms and advised several local media companies and startups, brings the hype down to street level with best practices and actionable case studies for moving nimbly in a time of dramatic change. From plotting ambitious yet achievable growth strategies to hiring and retaining top talent, local media decision makers will emerge with new ideas for driving their organizations forward.

“Smarter Selling for Digital Success”

Local sales has transformed. In a digital world, the days of order taking are long gone, and dialing for dollars is too inefficient. Advertisers have diverse and fragmented needs. Rather than simply running campaigns, they require solutions-based programs that solve specific business needs. Relevance must be high, and ROI must be clear! This new digital paradigm has created challenges for sales forces that must evolve to meet the needs of their customers. However, with challenge comes opportunity.

In this session, LMA Chief Innovation Officer Jed Williams discusses the new opportunities in local sales: how sales teams can utilize local business data to tailor programs to their specific needs, how intent can be captured when businesses are ready to engage, and how sellers can finally deliver on the “right product, right price, right time” model for each unique business. By leveraging data and intent, local sales teams can not only maintain their trusted status in the market, but expand it!

“The Changing SMB”

Your customer’s customer is changing! The once-linear path to purchase has been disrupted. Consumers use more channels than ever to make buying decisions. They rely on digital word-of-mouth (social media, reviews) and often make buying decisions before ever walking in a store. As a result, advertisers face a new reality when engaging with existing customers and prospecting new ones. The buying process is no longer the simple funnel it once was, and businesses must position themselves through the customers’ sophisticated digital journey to succeed.

LMA Chief Innovation Officer Jed Williams presents the latest SMB trends, plus a new framework for thinking about the customer journey. He will also deliver strategies for how local media companies can help their advertisers adapt to this framework by thinking differently in the digital world.


Jed is the Chief Innovation Officer at the Local Media Association, where he leads industrywide digital revenue and business transformation initiatives for newspapers, radio and TV broadcasters, digital publishers, and R&D partners. These programs include Innovation Missions, Chief Digital Club executive networking groups, digital boot camps, and LMA’s consulting practice focused on disruptive innovation.

Previously, Jed was Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Vendasta, where he managed partnerships with leading media companies and drove the company’s go-to-market strategy. He also spearheaded the development and launch of the Vendasta Marketplace, which connects channel partners to best-of-breed solutions.

Jed has also held positions as Vice President of Strategic Consulting at BIA/Kelsey and Director of Business Development at Main Street Hub. He has led strategic consulting projects for AT&T, Google, NBC, Time-Warner Cable and Yahoo!.

A veteran of the local media space, Jed is adept at analyzing and forecasting digital trends, and empowering partners to generate new revenue. His insights have been cited by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Bloomberg, FOX Business, and the BBC, among others. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and corporate meetings. He has written extensively on creative destruction and disruptive media. His work has been published and taught by the Columbia Journalism School and the Yale School of Management.

Jed received his master’s in media business from the School of Media and Journalism at UNC-Chapel Hill, where he was named the Outstanding M.A. Graduate by the school.