Joey Bunch
Cyrus McCrimmon


Joey Bunch is the senior political correspondent and deputy managing editor for Colorado Politics, a statewide website and weekly magazine with the largest political reporting staff in the state. He has been a journalist for 32 years, including 16 in Colorado. He covered politics and civil rights across the Deep South, before joining the Denver Post in 2002. He is a five-time Pulitzer nominee, two time finalist and in 2013 was on the Denver Post team that won the Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the Aurora theater shooting. He hails from Alabama and cooks and dances better than anybody you know.


Covering politics in the era of fake news

From town halls to the White House, the credibility of political reporting is under the public's microscope. Honest mistakes and tough but fair reporting become sinister conspiracies in the time it takes to send a tweet. We'll discuss how we stem the deluge of skepticism with a steady stream of personal and professional integrity. We'll discuss how our readers could more accurately see local political news through the lens of state and national politics, and we'll discuss ideas on doing that daily on every story, not just the big ones.