John Weiss


John Weiss serves as Chairman of the Colorado Publishing House, which publishes seven local newsweeklies and supports Give!, the civic arm of the newspaper group that has raised more than $9.5 million since 2009 for more than 160 small, innovative local non-profits. In 1993, John returned to Colorado Springs to found the Independent, which is now the Pikes Peak region's largest locally-owned paper with 125,000 regular print readers, as well a 108,000 digital readers. In 2012, he purchased the Colorado Springs Business Journal and the the thrice weekly Colorado Springs Transcript. In 2014, he purchased the Pikes Peak Bulletin.

John has written dozens of magazine articles (including a cover package for Mother Jones) as well as two books, Standing Up To The SAT(Simon & Schuster, 1986 (2nd edition, 1988) and A Citizen's Guide to the Maine Legislature, now in its fourth edition. He earned degrees from Colorado College (B.A. Economics/Politics of Education, 1978); Kennedy School of Government/Harvard (Masters of Public Policy with a concentration in Mediation/Negotiation Game Theory, 1983); and Columbia University School of Journalism (Master of Science, 1991, documentary film concentration.)


Public service reporting and philanthropy

Learn about Give! and how many newspapers have a philanthropic arm that goes hand-in-hand with the public service that journalism provides.