Joeseph Svec


Joe has been in the Information Technology sector for over 20 years, working on “new” technology spanning Nokia Wireless Routers to today’s Augmented Reality. Currently working in the Newspaper Industry he is helping to evolve newspapers to meet public expectations on what newspapers should be in the digital age.


Flash Session:Augmented Reality: Meeting Digital Expectations

Newspapers know that todays readers live in a digital world and are still trying to figure out how to bring their publication into that world. Adding websites and joining the digital clutter on the web was the knee jerk reaction but fails to bring the printed page fully in line with todays digital expectations. Instead of replacing the printed page with digital clutter, Augmented Reality can work with printed pages to offer targeted news and experiences to todays audiences. Not just digital, Augmented Reality is the bridge, the catalyst, that turns print into the gateway to relevant digital experiences to meet digital expectations.