UPDATE: The deadline for submissions has been extended through Feb. 10. for Service to the First, Friend of the First, and Innovation categories. 

The Colorado Press Association is accepting nominations for 2018 Member Awards through midnight on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019. Winners will be announced at the annual convention on April 13 at the Denver Conference Center - Hyatt Regency Aurora. 

“Our members have tremendous achievements throughout the year,” said Jill Farschman, CPA CEO. “This is your opportunity to recognize someone who's gone above and beyond to the benefit of our profession. From leaders of tomorrow to industry veterans, our awards are designed to highlight the best of the best.”

 Available member awards this year are:

  • Newspaper Person of the Year: The Newspaper Person of the Year Award is a prestigious award given to a Colorado news professional whose commitment to and leadership within the industry help to shape, support and contribute in a meaningful way to the long-term success of the industry. 
Rising Star: The Rising Star Award is intended to recognize, celebrate and encourage the next generation of leadership in our industry and in the State of Colorado. Candidates will be recognized for their commitment to the news organization, passion for the industry and contribution to the future success of the industry. This award should recognize an individual who is curious, innovative, progressive and stands out as a future leader. 
  • Service 
to the First: The Service to the First Award is intended to honor a news organization's service to the First Amendment's guarantee of a free press, including, but not limited to, fighting the threat of censorship in America, overcoming uneasiness with regard to press credibility, combating government secrecy at all levels, and instilling in the public an appreciation of its need as well as its right to know.
Friend of the First: The Friend of the First award recognizes a person in your community, or in the State of Colorado, who is a passionate advocate of First Amendment rights, freedom of the press and open government. Awareness of First Amendment issues isn’t limited to efforts by the press; it is strengthened by the actions of people in local communities, in public or private organizations, in local or state government.
  • Innovation: This award will be given to a member news organization or individual that has significantly improved its business model in one or multiple areas to reflect changes in audience, revenue streams, content dissemination and other applicable areas of change within the industry. The winner will demonstrate the ability to create, foster and promote innovation, sideways thinking, cultural transformation, originality, measurable impact, a spirit of experimentation and the willingness to risk failure to achieve greatness.

There are many deserving people and papers in Colorado. Help CPA give them the appreciation they deserve. Nominate today.