Your advocacy efforts are an important factor in helping to shape public policy, and meeting with your legislators face-to-face is the most effective way to get your message across. This best practices guide provides tips and tactics to meet with your elected officials.

CPA members are welcome to download and modify this example freelance/stringer contract. The contract has been reviewed by legal counsel, but CPA staff are not lawyers and do not guarantee that this contract will be legal-biding. is public service made possible by the newspapers of Colorado. Citizens who want to know more about the actions of local, county and state government can easily access public notices free of charge 24 hours a day in one convenient location.

The Department of Labor’s new proposed rules on employee overtime pay under the FSLA announced on June 30 of last year will become final on December 1, 2016. These are big-ticket changes newspapers should be aware of and have plans in place as the window for complying is closing rapidly.

During the past few years — and only for certain clients — I’ve been suggesting they get away from the traditional half-point frame for photos.

Some might say in the new world of high-tech, instant sports-news gratification that the art of sports writing is a lost art. We would disagree.

During the 2015 Colorado Press Association Annual Convention, a meeting was held to discuss the future of public notices in newspapers, and three basic questions were asked.