Mike Blinder


It’s time for us to get our swagger back!

There is no question that digital disruption is effecting our audience and profits. However, are we living a “self fulfilling prophecy” by moving our focus away from leveraging our editorial assets as a core revenue source? There is profit for newspapers when we focus on what we do best! And, polish up our products & packages so they become more exciting to our audience and advertisers.

Break out sessions: Stop overthinking ... and, just your damn audience!

Mike Blinder has made it happen! He has worked in hundreds of markets at newspapers with varying history and cultures, worldwide, proving that newspaper’s can sell multimedia solutions with their traditional/legacy sales team. However, the process of adding digital components to our existing legacy products has to be simplified. The value propositions that digital offerings brings to advertisers must be made clear and easy to understand. Mike will review real world case studies on how newspapers (of all sizes)are bundling digital products with their legacy offerings.

Topics that will be covered in these fast paced sessions, will include:

  • What digital products can be easily sold by legacy reps (And, which ones are problematic)
  • Who sells this stuff? (Do you REALLY need a separate digital sales force?)
  • Pricing/ Packaging & Easiest Product Offerings to Sell, including
  • Bundling “Impressions With Inches” IE: Taking Digital Inventory on Every Sales Call
  • Selling Extended Audience (Programatic) to SMB’s
  • Why Social Stuff (like Facebook) Can Not be Ignored!
  • Plus, Lots More!


Mike Blinder started fresh out of college as a disc jockey who eventually became a sales manager for a group of radio stations. Afterwards, he went on to manage television and radio groups until a major communications company asked him in 1998 to help launch their online division for their Newspaper and TV holdings. From there Mike’s career blossomed moving on to consult companies of all sizes, all over the world on multimedia sales strategies.

Today over 350 media companies are clients of Mike’s company: The Blinder Group, a Florida based firm that assists in maximizing revenue for their clients, through effective on-site sales training/ revenue generation programs. The Blinder Group has generated over 100,000 million dollars for the global newspaper industry in multimedia ad sales for clients like: The Chicago Sun Times, Canada’s TC Media, Morris Communications, Wick Communications, GateHouse Media, Shaw Newspapers, The Bermuda Gazette & Honduras' OPSA Media.

The Blinder Group’s motto is “train in the car as well as the classroom,” which means that Mike’s team makes over 5,000 sales appointments each year, on small, medium and large advertisers in a 4-legged” sales call settings, with traditional ad reps, closing millions of dollars of new business for his client media companies.

Mikes’ book: Survival Selling reviews the fundamentals of B2B sales. And, has been acclaimed as a must read by managers and sales people of all industries. Mike also owns OperaWeb.com, the leading digital marketing agency for the classical music industry. Many of their clients appear on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera and at venues around the world.

Mike lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with his wife & 14-year old daughter, working there on advisory boards for a number of digital start-ups and non-profit organizations.