In 2015, the Public Notice Colorado website — — was launched thanks to CPA’s legislative efforts to create an online clearinghouse for public notices.

This meant newspapers remained the permanent, legal record of their communities in a spot they know where to find it — in their community newspaper. It also meant if someone in the public was looking for notices online, they could find it in one simple spot.

Two years later and the site has received some upgrades. Here are three things to know:


1. Easier public access

More than a new look, the site has been upgraded so it’s easier for the public to be able to find public notices. The site is now an even better tool for the public to access notices online or sent direct to their emails.

2. Features for government coming

CPA is working with the website design team to create “I-Frames” that will allow governments entities to place on their sites and only run legals related to their entity. This would remove all need from someone on government staff to do it. This is expected to be ready later in the year.

3. New marketing

With the help of the Greeley Tribune, CPA now has print and website house ads to promote the site. We have found that the newspapers have shown the best results for, which comes as no surprise to us. Click on the zip-file link to the left of this article to download the ads. 

Colorado publications are highly encouraged to inform their readers about this service they provide for their communities.