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There is power in newspaper advertising. And there is power in internet advertising. What happens when you combine them?

Simply, the best online advertising option around.

Much like their print companions, Colorado Press Association member websites bring a highly desirable demographic: an affluent, educated and engaged audience. They also have a high trust factor.

So for a business looking for the best ROI on online advertising, news websites are premium places.

Which is why Colorado Press Network and CPA have worked to bring a Statewide Online Network Advertising program forward — exclusive to CPA members.

This program can leverage the power of CPA member publications to provide both Colorado Press Network and CPA member’s clients the ability to place online advertising on newspaper websites across the state. They will be able to do so with one call and with almost no work to CPA members.

All you need to do is join.

It will be similar to our print statewide ads in that it will:

• Bring you additional revenue as part of a pool payout.

• Provide you another tool to sell your clients looking for an expanded reach via online advertising, which will also provide another revenue option in addition to the pool payout.

• It’s a client need you can address.

• It will help support the CPA, which in turn allows the CPA to keep lower dues while maintaining and adding benefits for members.

All you have to do is:

Agree to participate in the program

It’s a very quick process, we promise.

You can do online by clicking here

Or you can download the pdf located on this page.

Provide us a dedicated ad space on your website

It does not have to be on the front page. Or it can be. Colorado Press Network’s pitch to clients will be that they are getting volume advertising on the best places to advertise: CPA member websites. The more space you can give us is appreciated, but we know your website ad positions are valuable and will work with what you provide. Our team will be able to find the best size banner ad for the position you provide.

Place code on your site

If this worries you, don’t let it. Someone from our team will be in touch to help walk you through how to place the code into the designated space. We will use the code for two reasons: One, it will be an easy way for us to upload and remove the ads from your site. And two, it will allow us to easily track impressions and click thrus to provide detailed reports to clients. Basically, it means after you place the code on the site, you have no more work to do.

You might have some questions. Let’s try to answer some common ones here:

What are you selling it for?

We have not set it yet. However, other states are selling similar online statewide banner ad programs for $1,499 at 750,000 impressions during a month timeframe. They typically have a monthly available inventory of 5-7 million impressions, which allows them to sell 5-8 ads per month. This equates to about to a $2 CPM.

We will make our determination on a final price point and guaranteed monthly impressions once we know how many CPA members plan to participate, which is why we’re hoping you will join the program.

How much will I get in the pool payout? How much do I get if I sell into the program?

Much like our other network programs, the pool payout is 20 percent of the sale and paid out twice a year. If you sell into the program, your publication will receive 30 percent of the total sale.

What if I don’t like the content of a placed ad?

You have the right to refuse the ad. Simply email us that you want it taken down, and we will do so as soon as possible.

When do you plan to launch this program?

We hope to be able to launch this program by Oct. 1; however, it will only succeed if we get buy-in from our members. You are a valuable CPA member and have supported our endeavors. We hope you will do so again.

To learn more, contact Colorado Press Network at 303-571-5117 or at