Newsletter webinar

The Colorado and Virginia press associations are pleased to present the webinar, "How to start a newsletter people will want to read," free to our members on Aug. 10 at noon MST (2 p.m. EST). Register now here.

If you are interested in offering newsletters to your subscribers and community members, or if you are already offering newsletters, then this webinar is for you. Many publications are seeing success with newsletters, so if you have no interest in doing them, why not? Learn more here.

Newsletters are a powerful way to engage with your community. This year, The Virginian-Pilot has launched three niche newsletters and has plans for two more. After four months, the food newsletter has an average open rate of 55 percent, and the list size has grown 75 percent.Find out how they did it.

Through this webinar, you'll learn how to start a newsletter, how to get it in front of people, how to build a subscriber list, and how to get readers to engage with your stories.

Presenter is Erica Smith, online editor and director of digital strategy with The Virginian-Pilot. Smith leads audience development, digital strategy and innovation at The Pilot. Register now.