Survey webinar

There are numerous ways Coloradans get their news on a day-to-day basis. Some people read print newspapers, some watch TV or listen to radio, others get it from various sources online, or some combination of those. On Wednesday, June 26, the Colorado Press Association will host a webinar that provides insights on how Coloradans get their news and what they think about the sources they get it from. Register for the webinar now.

The webinar focuses on a readership survey that Pulse Research conducted in June 2017. The survey asked Colorado residents where they get their news, the type of information they are looking for, what they think about their local newspaper, and many other questions about their news habits.

CPA and SYNC2 Media CEO Jerry Raehal will go over the results of the survey and provide feedback on how news outlets can better connect with their communities on issues and stories Coloradans care about.

The data from this survey will provide you with information to help you strengthen your news organization, said Raehal.

“Today’s day and age, data is king, and most people look at data as a way to know how they’re going to move forward,” he said.

From publishers and reporters, to reporters and photographers, to advertising design and sales, all CPA members are encouraged to attend. The webinar begins at 11:30 a.m. will not last more than an hour, and is free to all CPA members.

“From an editorial standpoint we're hoping to show people where people’s interests are at, and from an advertising standpoint we're hoping to show where their readers are finding their information,” Raehal said. “There’s a big perception that newspapers are dead, and I’ve long said they’re not dead, they’re changing, and this survey really reflects that.”

Get the survey scoop by registering for the webinar now.