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Afton Pospisilova, design manager with Swift Design Services, and Rob Christian, Swift Communications recruiting manager, look at the work of a freelance journalist during the 2017 Job Fair.

Looking to find a journalism job in Colorado? Look no further than the Colorado Press Association’s 2018 Job Fair sponsored by Colorado State University’s Department of Journalism & Media Communications.

Newspapers and online news outlets from around the state will be on hand to review resumes and discuss job possibilities with students, freelancers and others looking to be hired. The Job Fair is slated for 3:45-5:30 p.m. April 13 as part of the CPA's annual convention, held at the Antlers Hotel, 4 S Cascade Ave., in Colorado Springs.

With the Job Fair, Doug Bell, former editor at the Denver Post and Evergreen Newspapers and current journalism professor at Metro State University, will provide tips and insights on how to get a journalism job. Bell’s session will run from 2:30-3:30 p.m.

“Students are getting a good journalism education at Colorado’s colleges, but they don’t know how to market the skills they're getting in class,” Bell said. “I teach how to take the skills you have so an employer will sit up and notice when you drop a resume on them.”

For people looking to be hired, this is your chance to put yourself out there — bring your clips, portfolio, resume or anything else you’d like to get in to the hands of some of the state’s top editors, photographers, multimedia directors and hiring managers.

This is a unique opportunity to talk to industry leaders about your future, whether you’re looking for an internship, a job, a gig, or just to tighten up your interview skills and have professionals review your resume. 

“There is a real need to network with professionals,” Bell said. “Most of the students I come across don’t understand the importance of face time with pros. … I’ve been involved with this Job Fair for 15 years running and think it’s something every journalism student should be doing. There is no substitute for meeting and talking with editors from around the state.”

Freelancers and other’s seeking employment in the business are also encouraged to attend.

“Many of the editors at the Job Fair do have a freelance budget,” Bell said. “As staffs shrink, more and more editors are filling that in with freelancers. If you have some good clips and are willing to work hard, freelancing provides some opportunity right now.

“About six years ago, I had a photographer sit down across from me with her laptop at the Job Fair,” Bell continued. “She showed me a slideshow of her photos, and I knew after six photos that I wanted to hire her, and she freelanced for us for several years after that. I’ve run across a number of people I have met at past job fairs who either I have hired or I have recommended for others to hire because they made a lasting impression on me at the Job Fair.”

Attending the Job Fair and Bell's presentation is free. Other CPA convention events are not. No registration is needed for the Job Fair, but to attend any other events on the convention, registration is required and can be done by clicking here.

In addition, colleges and universities that sponsor the convention receive several complimentary convention passes (minus the meals). Check to see if your school is a sponsor by clicking here

The 2018 Job Fair is hosted by the CSU’s Dept. of Journalism & Media Communications, which has sponsored the CPA convention for several years.

“Those students who can attend the convention learn about the many directions that journalists are taking to find career paths, and to do the job well once they get into a niche that fits,” said Greg Luft, professor and chair of CSU JMC. "They also discover what is important about new techniques, strategies, products and innovations in the journalism industry.”