In 2015, the Public Notice Colorado website — — was launched thanks to CPA’s legislative efforts to create an online clearinghouse for public notices.

This meant newspapers remained the permanent, legal record of their communities in a spot they know where to find it — their community newspaper. It also meant if someone in the public was looking for notices online, they can find them in one simple spot.

Now CPA has optimized the website in order to make it even easier for the public to find and utilize the information they want. This year, the site received some upgrades. Here are some things to know:

More than a new look, the site has been upgraded so it’s easier for the public to be able to find public notices. The site is now an even better tool for the public to access notices online or sent direct to their emails.

CPA is working with the website design team to create “I-Frames” that will allow governments entities to place on their sites and only run legals related to their entity. This would remove all need from someone on government staff to do it. This is expected to be ready later in the year.

For its member publications that made the Public Notice Colorado website possible, CPA now has print and website house ads and banner ads to promote the site in their publications and on their websites. For social media, two short, animated videos are available for member publications to post. Click on the zip-file links at the bottom of this article to download the ads and videos. 

Public Notice Colorado also now has a “smart search” feature that allows users to have notices of a particular interest automatically sent directly to their email. Users can also use multiple keywords when searching, save search criteria, save multiple notices in a queue and print multiple public notices simultaneously. With these new features, it’s never been easier for newspapers to find and organize the public notices they want to publish.

Colorado publications are highly encouraged to inform their readers about this service they provide for their communities. 

“For newspapers, in addition to creating another layer to keep the public informed, it also helps ensure public notices remain in papers," said Jerry Raehal, CEO of the Colorado Press Association. "Some government officials argue that notices should be on government websites. With Public Notice Colorado, that work is already done for them."