PressNext webinars

Training webinars are back, and their name has changed from SYNC2 U Online University to PressNext Online University, inline with our marketing strategy to provide thought leadership, facilitate community engagement, and enhance revenue in print and online. To register, please click here

At least two training webinars a month will be conducted, and one is scheduled to always be at noon on the second Thursday of the month. Each month will feature an editorial and revenue-enhancement training. Unless otherwise stated, all webinars are free to members, $75 for non-members. Every effort is being made to keep the webinars free for members but some may have a nominal cost. 

The first webinar is noon on June 8. Jennifer Hefty, planning editor for the Coloradoan, will instruct on building a culture around video.

Hefty Webinar

As traditional print news organizations look to grow digital audience one thing is key: Meet your readers where they are, on the platforms they engage with, and in a form that makes sense for them and your storytelling. Storytelling through video is key for editorial audience growth and revenue growth as local news moves into the future. The first step: Build a culture around video in rooms that are traditionally word-focused. Learn how to best optimize with video, where to spend your efforts, and tools and tricks for successful video on site and social media. Click here to register. 

The second webinar is scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on June 15. It is on the public notice website: what's new and why it matters, and is taught by CPA and SYNC2 Media CEO Jerry Raehal. 

Public Notice Colorado banner ad

In January 2015, was launched to help create a clearinghouse for public notices published in newspapers. Attend this session to learn more about why, how the process has gone, as well as some recent changes and upcoming changes. Click here to register. 

Two additional webinars are scheduled for late June and early July: Digital 101: Newspaper to digital with Raehal, and media ethics with Fred Brown, University of Denver professor and former Denver Post reporter. Click here to register. 

For more information on trainings, to provide trainings topics, and/or if you or someone you know would be interested in leading a webinar, please contact Russell at