PR Media Release

Colorado’s news media trust the Colorado Press Association. And we’re excited to provide Colorado’s organizations and companies with a superior way “get the word out” deeply and broadly – precisely how it ought to be, at the price it ought to be – using a digital press release service fully powered by the press itself, PRMediaRelease. 

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Powered by the Press?

PRMediaRelease is collectively owned by state press associations across the U.S. — high-profile state member organizations directly serving news media companies, large and small, in their respective states.

The connection is powerful. So is the impact. So is knowing your releases benefit from the most accurate, up-to-date list management imaginable, state by state by state.

Intense depth and breadth. Unique credibility. Incomparable accuracy. Every release is reviewed by state press association staff before being served directly to editors and journalists who provide content across all manner of local news and information platforms. Think about it!