Tim Harrower


Tim Harrower’s been an award-winning editor, designer and columnist at such newspapers as the Times-Union (Rochester, N.Y.) and The Oregonian (Portland, Ore.). He now consults on print and online design, teaches journalism and runs a dog-and-frog ranch deep in the Oregon woods. As an author, his Inside Reporting and Newspaper Designer’s Handbook have influenced and inspired a new generation of journalists.


Writing for Non-Readers

Are readers bored by all those dull 15-inch stories? Unfortunately, yes. Here's how to make your paper of website more engaging and reader-friendly by rethinking and repackaging news and features into useful, interactive sidebars, fact boxes, checklists and other innovate chunks. And we'll show how writers, editors, photographers and designers can collaborate more effectively. 

12 Tips for Futurizing Your Packaging and Designing

When it comes to writing stories and designing pages, we all keep making the same mistakes. With hundreds of examples from print and the web, this session provides a wide-ranging list of do's and don'ts, from fonts to photos, infographs and grids.