Colorado Press Association steadfastly supports the public’s right to know and the journalist’s right to report. Each year the CPA also focuses on and becomes party to court cases of industry importance, ensuring our members are proactively protected from damaging policy and court decisions. CPA’s public policy team protects your media-related interests in the state and national capitols.

As the trade association for print and digital news media in Colorado and a 501(c)(6) nonprofit authorized to lobby in support of our members, the Colorado Press Association advocates for the rights of a free press at local, state and national levels and promotes the vital role of the press in a democratic society to the public at large. 

By advocating for legislation, we work to ensure that governments operate transparently, that the public has access to the information about government activities and that journalists are able to do their work unimpeded.

To stay up-to-date on legislative activities, check our newsletter as well as this section. If you are not receiving our email newsletter, contact us.

2024 session

For more information on the Colorado Press Association’s legislative efforts, please reach out to CEO, Tim Regan-Porter at
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