working groups

Digital Strategies for Reach and Revenue Working Group

This working group will convene Colorado newsrooms that are exploring, planning to adopt, or have recently launched new, modern, WordPress-based content management systems. Participating newsrooms should have an organizational commitment to expanding their newsroom’s capacity to significantly increase digital reach and revenue in 2023.

Quarterly meetings will center peer-to-peer discussions on common tools, challenges and solutions, and explore what is and may be possible among affiliated but independently run news outlets that share compatible tech platforms and tools. Areas to explore include: content sharing and collaboration, digital package and product development, digital content marketing, ad/sponsorships and other revenue opportunities, managed services, shared staff, and possibly even membership bundling.

Up to six Colorado newsrooms within this working group will be eligible to receive a digital readiness analysis and/or sustainability benchmarking, technical support, and implementation grants of up to $10,000 each from CMP. In addition to the quarterly meetings above, these newsrooms will receive one-on-one coaching and support and may meet more often as a cohort.