Reuters Journalism, Media and Technology Trends 2020

Key findings from the report include:
  1. Most industry executives say they are confident about their own company’s prospects but are much less sure about the future of journalism
  2. The majority of respondents (85%) think that the media should do more to call out lies and half-truths
  3. Publishers continue to bet strongly on reader revenue, with half (50%) saying this will be their main income stream going forward
  4. The power of tech platforms remains an issue of great concern for most publishers
  5. It looks set to be another big year for podcasting, with over half of our publisher respondents (53%) saying podcast initiatives would be important to them this year
  6. We’re likely to see more moves by news organizations to personalize front pages and pursue other forms of automated recommendation this year
  7. Attracting and retaining talent is a major worry for news organizations
  8. Publishers and broadcasters say they have made big strides over gender diversity in the newsroom, with three-quarters (76%) believing their organization is doing a good job
Read the full report HERE.