2021 CPA Member Award Recipients



2021 CPA Member Award Recipients

The prestigious 2021 Member Awards were unveiled during the highly anticipated 2022 Colorado Press Association Annual Convention held in September. The event provided the perfect platform to honor and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of the recipients. We are delighted to present you with a comprehensive list of these exceptional individuals, along with the names of their nominators and a brief overview of each award. It was an inspiring moment as each nominee received their well-deserved recognition from their respective nominator, followed by speeches that eloquently conveyed the reasons behind their selection for this esteemed honor.

First Amendment Award Recipient: Megan Tackett, Editor, Aspen Daily News

Nominator: Spencer McKnight, Owner, Aspen Daily News

About the Award: This award recognizes the best example of protecting or advancing freedom of information principles, and/or overcoming significant resistance to the application of the First Amendment. This includes, but is not limited to fighting the threat of censorship in America, overcoming uneasiness with regard to press credibility, government secrecy at all levels, and instilling in the public an appreciation of its need as well  as its right to know. 

Awareness of First Amendment issues isn’t limited to efforts by the press; it is strengthened by  the actions of people in local communities, in public or private organizations, in local or state  government

News Leader Award Recipient: Susan Greene

Nominator: Niki Turner, Co-Owner/Editor, Rio Blanco Herald Times

About the Award: This award recognizes public service work that reflects compassion, courage, humanity and a deep concern for a community. Recipients will be awarded for outstanding vision, dedication, and commitment. This can be awarded to individuals or a team of reporters, editors, news directors, columnists, editorial writers, photographers, videographers and graphic artists.

Innovation Award Recipient: Raleigh Burleigh, Editor, Sopris sun 

Nominator: Todd Chamberlin, Executive Director, Sopris Sun

About the Award: This award will be given to a member news organization or individual that has significantly  improved its business model in one or multiple areas to reflect changes in audience, revenue  streams, content dissemination and other applicable areas of change within the industry.  

The winning news organization will demonstrate the ability to create, foster and promote  innovation, sideways thinking, cultural transformation, originality, measurable impact, a spirit  of experimentation and the willingness to risk failure to achieve greatness. 

Rising Star Award Recipient: Tynin Fries, Reporter, The Denver Post

Nominator: Lee Ann Colacioppo, Executive Editor, The Denver Post

About the Award: The Rising Star Award is intended to recognize, celebrate and encourage the next generation of  leadership in our industry and in the State of Colorado. Candidates will be recognized for their  commitment to the news organization, passion for the industry and contribution to the future  success of the industry. This award should recognize an individual who is curious, innovative,  progressive and stands out as a future leader.