Randia Toledo

Client Services Director

 Email  rtoledo@colopress.net
(720) 274-7174

A Puerto Rico native, Randia started working in advertising in 2009 at BBDO Puerto Rico as a traffic coordinator. Randia worked with accounts like MARS PR, Pepsi, Scotiabank, Don Q, General Electric and Snickers PR. Her primary job was to make sure that projects move along seamlessly through the work process from start to finish and fulfill clients advertising contracts, making daily reports to ensure deadlines were met.  After working for over a decade in BBDO PR she moved on to work in Kroma Advertising, a local Puerto Rico advertising company. There she had the opportunity to work as an account executive, working directly with the client Hyundai and making sure due dates were being met and working with timelines for her client. She was part of the team that worked with the launch of the Hyundai Tucson in the 2016 TV Commercial “Es Un Nuevo Dia”, working with casting and planning. After working for over a year in Kroma, her Island was hit with Hurricane Maria, and Randia moved with her family to Colorado in 2017. 

Randia started working at the Colorado Press Network in 2017 as an advertising coordinator, working with fulfillment of all the orders from our clients. In 2019, she received a promotion and started working as client service manager, responsible for providing excellent customer service, maintaining existing business with current clients. growing business relationships and helping clients better understand the full potential of our products. Since 2019 Randia has helped in the growth of clients and revenue in CPN and has become a reliable point of contact for each customer, establishing a strong business relationship with them. 

Randia enjoys traveling to the Caribbean with her family.